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We roam like a Horde, an unbreakable Legion-

We strike like a plague, taking all in our path-

We bleed as a Clan, bond by an unshakable pledge-

We are like the crimson dawn, always in the horizon-

We are the Obsidian order.

Made from the hardened souls of the shattered remains of a fallen Legion these brethrens in arm banded together to rise from the strife and agony of betrayal to build a true union.  Flourishing over vast lands this once humble gathering slowly drew the attention of other hurt souls, rising to become something far greater than a simple mindless army and moving further than they could imagine.

We are a multi-platform gaming guild that is current looking for more like minded friendly folk to play with.

That being said we are currently focusing, but not limiting, to MMORPG's or PC games.


Headlines & Stories

War is coming!!!


  • Sharpen your weapons and prepare your troops folks Conqueror's Blade will be ready for open beta in no time!

  • Invaders or over just reaching? Either or they have over step there boundaries and are coming for our lands! Raise the defenses! Close off the walls! You never know when they are coming in Life is Feudal!

        I hope everyone's holiday was relaxing and fill with fun, food                       and friends cause it back to the grind we go!

 To Do List:


  Watch us at work!


      Events to come!

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Money (Anyone)
We need gold to construct and maintain!
Smith LVL 30-60
- Metal Bands x50 ( LVL 30 Smith)
-Metal Sheets x50 (LVL 60 Smith)
Woodworker LVL 0-60
-Construction Log x50
-Boards x50
-Billet (soft) x50
Cook LVL 30-90
-Stock up food for 3 weeks
- Different Types
Farmer (Arch LVL 30/ Farmer LVL 30)
-Terra Forming ( ANYONE but please get with the arch before starting)
-Seeds (Gathering LVL 60)
-Flax ( Gathering LVL 60)
Barn (LVL 90 Arch)
-Dung ( Farmer LVL 30-60)
-Raw meat ( Farmer LVL 30-90)
Slave Pit ( Already started)
Linen Cloth x25
Kitchen (LVL 0-60 Arch)
-Building Logs x10 ( Woodworker LVL 0-60)
-Billets x40 (Woodworker LVL 0-60)
-Metal Bands x10 ( Smith LVL 30-60)
-Copper Ingot * Schneeglom* ( Smith LVL 0-60)
-Wood Boards( Woodwoker LVL 0-60)
Tanner LVL 0-60
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